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Wave Fold Curtains

Our Wave Fold Curtains are made on-site providing only the highest quality, with the use of the best materials and manufacturing techniques.

  • Introducing the One Touch Curtain Motor
  • A Price Guarantee – We’ll Beat Any Written Quote
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 3-4 Week Turnaround
  • Quality and custom made blinds
  • All our curtains are produced locally in our factory

Sheer - Wave Fold Curtains

  • Lightweight sheer curtains come by nature. It gives them a velvety feel and a clean line, creating a particularly dramatic contrast from harsh interiors.
  • They are used mainly as light filters, illuminating the interiors with the sun's subdued brightness. But while maintaining the vista, they also offer some degree of privacy during the day.
  • Wavefold have a UV barrier that protects them from damaging sunlight and keeps them looking new for up to longer years.
  • Sheer curtains come in neutral, pastel colours to match any decor and are priced reasonably. Light hues and delicate textures can provide a touch of flare while keeping the space airy and cosy.


Blockout - Wave Fold Curtains



  • One of our customer's favourite products. Our Blockout Wavefold curtains are of high-quality, proud Australian-made.
  • Blockout Wavefold Curtains offer style and luxury without sacrificing privacy. It reduces UV light exposure, can reduce noise, provides complete seclusion, and blocks out light. Having these curtains make your home feel more relaxed in the summer times.
  • You can select from various fabrics and colours and customise how they open (left to the right, centre or right to left).

Double Wave Fold Curtains


  • Sheer by day, blockout by night, the perfect combination.
  • With these double wavefold curtains, you can adjust the amount of privacy, temperature, and light that enters your home.
  • Using a sheer curtain throughout the day provides privacy without cutting you off from the outside world. It is also perfect for controlling light & glare during the day.
  • When night falls, the Blockout Curtains will do their work by completely blocking out light & providing you complete privacy, allowing you to sleep well.
  • We have an assortment of colours and fabrics that go well together. It comes with dual tracks and an extended bracket.


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